7 Kitchen Remodeling Designs That Are Here to Stay

7 Kitchen Remodeling Designs

7 Kitchen Remodeling Designs That Are Here to Stay

The year 2017 brought a lot of intriguing trends to the kitchen remodeling scene. We have a switch up in countertop materials, which is a little unexpected. And more adoption of technologically-driven appliances.

If you’re getting ready to remodel your kitchen, then you should take note of the trends we watched grow in 2017. And you can be sure many of them will end up in kitchen remodeling designs for 2018.

Here’s a quick list of the leading kitchen renovations we’ve seen and will likely continue to see over the next 12 months.

1. Quartz Countertops Becomes the King

Kitchen with quartz countertops

Yes, it’s finally happened – a competitors have taken out the champion granite. For many, many years, granite reigned supreme when it came to countertop upgrades. It was the final goal of many homeowners and even home buyers.

It’s the material you’d go to make your home more enticing to prospects on the market for a new house. But times are shifting and we’re witnessing a takeover by none other than quartz itself.

What’s great about quartz is that although it’s engineered, it still looks like natural stone. So, you’re not really missing out on the luxuries of having a natural-looking counter in your kitchen.

It’s made up primarily of natural quartz stone and is mixed with a small portion of pigments and resin. So, it’s not too far from the natural route. You can also find it in a large array of color options.

2. Kitchens with Open Floor Plans

Kitchen with large layout

Kitchens with walls make the cooking space feel more confined. You can easily eliminate this issue by having the walls knocked down. This is especially popular for kitchens right next to dining areas.

Homeowners are knocking down the walls between the kitchen and the dining or living area. This gives the space a larger feel without changing the home’s structure.

The open floor plans deliver a fresh and connected experience that’s ideal for those with contemporary or modern lifestyles. However, you can use this for any design you go with, including traditional and farmhouse.

The idea is to encourage interactions between the folks in the kitchen and those waiting on food in the living or dining area. The perfect design for homeowners who like to entertain in their homes.

3. Kitchens with Induction Cooking

Kitchen with induction cooking stovetop

People are always looking for the next look for their kitchen. Not only does induction cooking give your kitchen great appeal, but it also helps with functionality. Surely, you know how annoying it can be pulling out a stove to clean up the mess that drops down the sides.

What’s also great about induction cooking is that it’s safe and fast. Anyone who’s looking for functionality will enjoy this style of cooking.

4. Tech Makes Work in the Kitchen Easier

Motion-sensor-faucet-smart fridge

We’re still a way off from living like The Jetsons, but this doesn’t mean we can’t make use of the AI we currently have. In fact, many homeowners are doing just that. We’re seeing a major push towards tech kitchens as more people purchase smart appliances.

Just about everything is connected to the web, including coffeemakers, fridges, thermostats and stoves. But there’s also the other fixtures that aren’t connected, but equally effective. For example, the motion sense faucets.

Whatever you can do to make your cooking and cleaning experience easier, people are gravitating towards it.

5. Implementing Single-Level Kitchen Islands

Kitchen with a single level kitchen island

Now, this falls right into the kitchens with the open layouts. If you’re looking to make your kitchen feel spacious, then a single-level kitchen island is key.

With these islands, light flows through seamlessly. Single-level islands are nothing more than those that are the same height as your other countertops.

Plus, having a kitchen island makes prepping and cooking easier and faster.

6. Adding Ceiling Treatments

Kitchens with ceiling treatments

Ceilings normally get no love until they have visible leaks and holes. But that’s not the case any longer. More and more homeowners are adding ceiling treatments to their kitchen design.

There are many styles to choose from, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that suits your décor. Molding complements all sorts of kitchen designs and sizes. So, whether you have a large kitchen or a small one, ceiling treatments may work well for you.

Some implement a treatment that complements the shape of the kitchen island below.

7. More Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen with lots of cabinets

Storage space is sometimes minimal, which calls for the installation of more cabinetry. The variety of styles makes it a great addition to any kitchen remodel.

You can opt for the wall-to-ceiling cabinets or the traditional hanging cabinetry. Then if you have issues finding the exact color match you desire, you can always have them professionally painted and finished.

Some homeowners are really getting creative with building storage. For instance, deeper drawers and pullouts between cabinet doors that can hold your flatware and pans.

Remodeling the Kitchen in Your Home

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