GBC Kitchen and Bath is dedicated to giving back to the communities that give to us. In this spirit, we give a portion of our profit to the following charities:GBC Kitchen and Bath is dedicated to giving back to the communities that give to us. We care about others and do what we can to help them. We share our time, talents, and money with people in our community so they can have better lives, and we have fun doing it. Our financial giving helps individuals, schools, and organizations accomplish their goals for the benefit of families and the entire community. We also regularly volunteer and make financial gifts to various schools (for student scholarships) and many organizations in our community.
In this spirit, we give a portion of our profit to the following charities:

Fairfax Fraternal Order of Police Associates (FOPA)
The Fraternal Order of Police Associates FOPA Lodge 77 Fairfax is a civilian affiliate of the Fraternal Order of Police FOP Lodge 77 Fairfax. The FOPA Fairfax Lodge 77 is an organization formed to increase understanding of the rights, duties and problems of law enforcement officers; foster respect for them; and to better the conditions under which they serve society. We accomplish this through community outreach and involvement in charitable causes, as well as legislative and educational efforts. It is our aim and objective to support law enforcement throughout our country in every way possible, as well as to support key charities within our community. Some examples of the community programs we manage and/or support include: women’s self-defense training, the Cops & Kids program, youth sports programs, Bike Helmets for Kids, Autism Speaks, and Life with Cancer.

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Water Well Projects for Africa
GBC Kitchen and Bath is supporting Ethiopian and Somalian children who are dying from starvation.African people have been displaced because of the drought. There are more than 400,000 Somalian refugees staying in the Dadaab Camp near Kenya and the number is increasing. The only hope of survival is the food and water at refugee camps which is given to one of every four refugees who left their hometown. According to the UN report, two million children are undernourished and in order for them to survive very urgent support is needed. Refugees are walking for days to reach Ethiopia and 1 or 2 children in families of four even reach the camps.
Kimse Yokmu International Aid Society Coordinator, stated that one and a half million people are dying of hunger and that the society of the world must take immediate action as soon as possible. GBC Kitchen and bath supporting AFTAA and its affiliated organizations across the Mid-Atlantic region who has launched a campaign to eliminate water and nutrition needs in Africa. The need of delivery of aid to the African people must be done quickly and without losing time.

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Disabled American Veterans
The Disabled American Veterans is dedicated to one, single purpose — building better lives for all of our nation’s disabled veterans and their families.
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