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    Centreville Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

    It’s that time of year to redecorate and renew your home interiors and are you thinking about where to find the best home improvement contractors near me in Centreville, VA? We think we have something for you here! There are different ways you can renovate the areas of your home.

    And in doing so, you can improve your quality of life and increase the value of your property. But of course, it all comes down to the products you install and the company you hire to install it for you. One way to find reputable home remodelers near you is to look online.

    Here, you can find listings, reviews, and websites of various kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies in Centreville, VA. This is what one customer in Centreville did and finally found us at GBC Kitchen and Bath.

    Kitchen Remodeling Centreville VA

    In what ways can you get quality kitchen remodeling in Centreville, VA? You can update the cabinetry with larger, nicer looking units. At GBC Kitchen and Bath, we have a great selection of cabinets to choose from. Sufficient space is a must in the kitchen, so you can store your food, cleaning supplies and appliances. You can also use extra wall space to install additional cabinetry.

    Another area of the kitchen that can be remodeled are the sinks and faucets. This is a smaller update, but altogether can add the final touch to your kitchen remodeling design.

    Then there’s the flooring. Updating this with hardwood or tile is an exceptional choice. Both can be added to your kitchen design to enhance it. It would be a good idea to match your tile with your backsplash if you choose to have that installed.

    The backsplash is a great touch because it helps to protect your wall paint from splashes and splatter from food and drinks. There are many different colored tiles you can choose from for the backsplash. You can even select a tone that matches with your tile floors and/or counters.

    If you’re interested in stone backsplashes, you can have the tiles made from granite, marble or quartz. Consider using the same color as your counters.

    Bathroom Remodeling Centreville VA

    The bathroom is another area of the home you should consider remodeling. A good bathroom remodeling service can be a significant investment for your property. If done right, it can help increase the value, making it more desirable to prospects.

    The areas of the bathroom you can remodel include the floors, vanity and countertop. The floors can be updated with beautiful tile or hardwood options. Choose a material that can withstand water, so you don’t have any issues with mold.

    Next, you can have the vanity top replaced with a beautiful stone, such as granite, marble or quartz. In doing so, you can make your bathroom counter more durable. This means, it can withstand spills from your cleaning and cosmetic supplies. Plus, it can withstand the extreme heat of your hot irons and curlers.

    The bathroom vanity too should be updated, so that this focal point is complete. The center of your bathroom is normally the vanity and the countertop. So, consider updating the two at the same time.

    The walls in your bathroom can be done over with beautiful tile and grout. This makes it simple to clean and nicer to look at. Consider having the walls and floors match using the tile we offer.

    Customer Says

    The bathroom in my bedroom is very spacious, but outdated. I didn’t like the fact the fixtures and furniture were outdated, so it was time for upgrading.

    So, I started searching around for a bathroom remodeling contractor that could assist me. That’s when I came across GBC Kitchen and Bath. They allowed me to choose my own slab from their showroom. Plus, I was given a free 3D design and estimate.

    I chose to update the vanity, cabinetry, counters and floors in the bathroom. To this day, I still love the look and feel of my master bath.

    What We Did in Centreville

    The contractors at GBC Kitchen and Bath are delighted to work with the homeowners in Centreville. We take pride in the products and services we provide. Therefore, we only purchase goods from leading manufacturers.

    We are a supplier of high-grade quartz, granite and marble stones. We fabricate, deliver and install the counters for your home. There are also a variety of other products we offer for kitchen and bathroom upgrades, which include cabinets, flooring, backsplashes, sinks and faucets.

    Updating the kitchen and bathroom in your home can improve your chances of reselling your home. Plus, it can raise the property value. It’s a win-win situation because if you don’t sell, you can still enjoy the wonderful benefits of your remodeled home.

    So, in a way, we are helping to keep the integrity and value of the communities within Centreville, VA.

    About Centreville

    The city of Centreville can be found in Fairfax County, Virginia. It was first established back in 1792 by the Virginia General Assembly. Local landowners petitioned for this to take place. The petition reasoned that a turnpike leading to Alexandria from the Northwest Territory would help the community.

    The city was first a part of Loudoun County, Virginia, but was later a part of the Fairfax County.

    Need a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company in Centreville

    The residents of Centreville have been using the services and products we provide because we’re quality. GBC Kitchen and Bath is a reputable company that offers high-grade stones, like granite, marble and quartz.

    We also offer free 3D designs, so you can see what the model will look like before committing. Our rates are the best in the industry, so you’re getting the best of both worlds – quality at an affordable price.

    The upgrades we provide are performed with detail to ensure all of our customers are very satisfied. The remodeling assistance we offer includes redoing the entire kitchen and bathroom. If you end up needing your kitchen or bathroom remodeled, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

    Contact us now to get started with your free estimation.


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