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Chantilly Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a kitchen and bathroom after sustaining water damage is a no-brainer. However, finding a contractor that’s suitable for the job can be difficult. Chantilly homeowners who need special remodeling services may struggle with locating a company that offers products and services.

The same goes whether you’re trying to improve a kitchen and bath that hasn’t been structurally damaged. The key, though, is doing research to find a reputable contractor to do the remodeling. This is exactly what one homeowner in Chantilly had to do in order to have these two areas improved.

We will go into the testimonial from this customer after reviewing a little history about good old’ Chantilly.

Kitchen Remodeling in Chantilly

We have a home in Chantilly with a large kitchen and two full bathrooms. My wife and I have two beautiful children – one is a toddler and the other is a pre-teen. We decided that it was a good time to start working on the property, now that both children were in school.

The kitchen floors, cabinets and counters all needed work. In the bathrooms, the vanities needed replacement, along with the floors. We called around to different contractors, but none offered the array of services we were looking for.

Then we finally stumbled upon GBC Kitchen and Bath using Facebook. We wrote to them there and they responded quickly. We could get their hours and days to travel to their local showroom to review the products they offered.

What’s amazing is that the showroom displayed exactly what the customer installs in their home. So were were able to hand select what we wanted. In this case, we decided to go with granite stone for all the rooms. Also, the vanities and cabinetry looked amazing.

I liked the fact that GBC Kitchen and Bath offered the product and the installation services we needed. So, it was like a one-stop shop for us. Once we selected everything, we scheduled an appointment for them to take measurements. They told us they would fabricate the tile and countertops to fit our kitchen and bathrooms.

They even gave us a 3D design for free, which showed the plan of how everything would look once complete. And guess what – once they finished the job, it looked even better! My family and I were very happy with the finished remodel.

The Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling in Chantilly

Chantilly homeowners deserve to have the kitchen of their dreams. In some cases, this means having beautiful stone counters installed. For others, it’s redoing everything from the floors to the cabinets. Whatever your kitchen needs, the experts at GBC Kitchen and Bath can do it for you.

We have products created by some of the best manufacturers in the industry. This includes tile, granite stone, marble stone, quartz stone and cabinets. When you do it right, a kitchen remodel can improve the quality and value of your property. So, whether you decide to stay or sell, you benefit from your kitchen makeover.

Historical Background on Chantilly

You can find Chantilly in Fairfax County, Virginia. It’s a quaint little city that’s been around since the 1700s. At this time, it was the home to various colonial plantations, such as Sully Plantation. Today, this is known as the Sully Historic Site, which Richard Bland Lee I built.

Some of the other plantations in the area included George Richard Lee Tuberville’s “Leeton Grove” and Chantilly Plantation. Obviously, this is the plantation the city was named after. This was owned by the daughter of George Tuberville, Henrietta Lee, and her husband Charles Calvert Stuart. In 1817, she inherited a piece of the Leeton plantation.

The two got married in 1816 and then constructed Chantilly Plantation. When the Civil War came about, the Chantilly Plantation manor house was burned. Only one of the buildings still stands. No one knows what this stone structure was used for. Some speculate it was the overseer’s quarters or a boarding house after the war ended.

How Our Services Help Chantilly

There are construction workers and then there are remodelers. Both do their part in building up a city and making it look great. The role of our professionals is to help homeowners redo their kitchens and bathrooms, so they feel confident in their daily lives.

The improvements we make to these properties help with the look and the functionality. Our customers complement our services and products because of the quality and attention to detail we provide. We take pride in assisting property owners with maintaining their properties. A lot of the properties here are old and/or need work.

Whether a customer is trying to sell or make improvements for their own family, we can help. And we have. We have a list of Chantilly customers who give us raving reviews regarding our products and services. We’re a one-stop shop for everything quality.

Ask our past customers and they’ll tell you how great our prices and professionalism is. It’s no wonder we’re one of the top-rated kitchen and bath remodeling companies in Chantilly.

Bathroom Remodeling in Chantilly

If you happen to live in an older model home in Chantilly, then you know how outdated the bathrooms can be. If space allows, there’s plenty you can do with a bathroom remodel. For instance, you can add new water fixtures, such as tubs, shower stalls and sinks and faucets.

At GBC Kitchen and Bath, we offer a selection of bathroom vanities, which can be used to spruce things up. We also have a beautiful selection of tile, which comes in a wide array of colors. You can use this for the floors and/or for the walls. Then top it all off with beautiful stone counters for your new vanity.

Hire GBC Kitchen and Bath for Your Remodel

Why hire us to help you with your kitchen and bathroom remodeling? Because we have it all – great prices, unmatched services and quality products. Plus, we offer free estimates to all our prospects and customers. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

The quote was within our budget and we really enjoyed the experience with the company thus far. So we went ahead and scheduled a day and time for the contractor to begin working on our home. It was done swiftly and the attention to detail was amazing. I could tell they knew what they were doing.


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“Absolutely amazing job! Our experience with GBC Rockwell was better then we could ever ask for.”

Karen L.

“Great company and great service,  I will definitely use them again for my future projects.”

Mike S.


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