The kitchens in commercial restaurants are amazing. They seem to function almost effortlessly and they are very efficient. You might be wondering how they manage to do this. Whether you can incorporate some of their tricks in your own kitchen while you remodel. Fortunately, GBC Kitchen and Bath has you covered with some amazing practical ideas you can borrow from commercial kitchens.

Conform to Stainless Steel

If you have ever had the opportunity of observing a restaurant kitchen, you will notice that most of the surfaces are stainless steel. The reason behind this occurrence is the fact that one can place cookware directly from the oven onto a stainless steel surface without damaging it. Steel is almost indestructible and it is hygienic, which are ideal features for a countertop kitchen.

Install a Convenient Tapping System

The taps used in restaurants are usually tall, high-pressured with a flexible faucet. You should install a similar model in your kitchen in order to make the cleaning process. You can rinse food from the dishes, clean the sink, as well as extend the tap beyond the sink in different directions to wash the countertop, and fill large containers and buckets.

Invest in Silicone Mitts

If you are still using typical fabric oven mitts to pick up hot pans and pots in the kitchen design, it is highly time for you to stop as you are only looking to be burnt. The best option for the kitchen, especially if it is a busy one, is silicone mitts. These mitts go beyond your wrists offering you additional protection from splashes from hot water, racks of a heated oven, and the steam that emanates when you remove the lid to a pot whose contents are being heated. Silicone can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees. Ensure that the silicone mitts you select have fingers to enable you have greater dexterity in the kitchen.