Most homeowners and sub-standard contractors often ignore the issue of air quality when they undertake bathroom remodels. Here at GBC Kitchen and Bath, your health is our priority and thus we ensure that the quality of air in your remodeled bathroom is good for you and your family’s health. The following are some of the professional ways we use to ensure high quality air in your bathroom after the remodel.

Installing a fan

We can install a fan in your bathroom while remodeling it to improve the quality of the air within that space and the rest of the home. We will ensure that the fan is noiseless because no one would like to have a noisy fan. It is not advisable to install a fan in the shower if the bathroom has a steam shower or has low ceilings, as the steam vapor will be sucked into the duct of the fan.

Multiple Ways of Drying out the Bathroom

When we are remodeling a bathroom, we always look to see if there is a way we can increase the number of ways that can dry out the bathroom. We can create a small window next to the shower as well as install a fan. We will also look for more ways of increasing the air circulation in the shower to improve the circulation of air in the bathroom.

Installing a heated floor

A floor heating system is an excellent way of ensuring that the bathroom dries quicker and the air quality remains high. Tag the heated floor with a timed fan to make the drying process even faster in your bathroom design. The fan timer should have a one-hour setting and you should make your entire family use the fan timer with every shower they take. We will also ensure that the floor heating system is compatible with the shower before we do the installation.