There are several key differences between the types of cabinets. Identifying your needs and what style you’re looking for is important in determining which type of cabinet is right for you. Does one type of cabinet offer the door style you’re looking for? Does a cabinet type offer the finish or wood species that you like? What additional features are you looking to add to your kitchen? These are just a few of the questions to answer before making your decision. Use this cabinet guide to help you narrow your selection:

Stock Cabinets

The name stock comes from a time when cabinets where made in large quantities and stocked in a warehouse. Back then, there were a limited number of colors and door styles to select from. Today all that has changed. Merillat’s stock cabinet line now offers over 17 doors styles, four wood species, dozens of finishes and optional plywood sides and dove tailed drawers – and they can deliver the cabinets in as little as eight days. Stock isn’t what it used to be.

Still, the extra options and features offered by stock cabinets are relatively limited, compared to the other cabinet types. But the quality of stock cabinets is good, with solid construction and reliable hardware. Overall, stock cabinets are a good value, making them the right choice for people looking for quality while remodeling on a tight budget.


Semi-custom cabinets are the most popular type of cabinet today. The big difference versus stock is that semi-custom cabinets provide minor modifications to their standard cabinets (reduce or increase the depth, install glass, etc.). They also offer more door styles, cabinet options, cabinet types, and finishes than a stock cabinet line. The semi-custom Kitchen Craft line at GBC has 25 door styles, five wood species and 50 finishes. Semi-custom cabinets are high quality from top to bottom, with a moderate price range – an affordable cabinet and a great value.


Custom cabinets can be made to meet any need or desire you have, but the cost can be significant. Most custom cabinet companies offer a large variety of standard sizes, configurations and designs; and they can modify or construct a cabinet to almost any size you require. Still, custom cabinets usually don’t come with custom door styles, although some companies will modify the edge detail and size of their door offerings. The Dura Supreme Designer line at GBC offers 70 door styles, six wood species and almost unlimited finishes (they will custom match a stain for you). The benefits of custom cabinets range from high quality to endless options, so you can create a one-of-a-kind dream kitchen with features galore.