How to Develop a Child-Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom is an essential part of any home, more so if you have kids. Unfortunately it takes effort (and a lot of pleading!) to get the kids to get ready, especially in the morning. That’s why the kids’ bathroom renovation should be tailor-made to their needs.

Tips on How to Create a Child-Friendly Bathroom:

Adding Colorful Stools

Most family bathrooms have counters that are too high for kids. Give the kids a much-needed boost by adding one colorful stool for every sink. You can get wooden stools from your local hardware store for the bathroom. Slap on a cheerful color and you are done! The best thing about having stools in the bathroom? The kids will take a lot faster to get ready in the morning!

Child-Friendly Storage

Some bathroom items need to be kept away from children’s reach. These items include cleaning supplies, skin care items, and medicine. To create a child-friendly bathroom, develop a smarter storage system. Keep all the dangerous items away from prying fingers. Reserve the lower area of the bathroom storage for your child’s items. Because it is accessible, a child can easily get what he or she needs – things such as towels and toys – without coming across dangerous items.

Cute Accessories

There are many ways to create a child-friendly bathroom without remodeling the space from scratch. Remember, kids tend to outgrowth things very quickly so that quirky bathroom you have now might not be as appealing within just a few short years. To keep your bathroom design child-friendly without spending a fortune on the design, use replaceable style elements.

Adding colorful accents, such as a cute painting, wall decals, a mini counter, colorful towels and bathroom mats, or even a couple of mason jars, works great for developing a child-friendly bathroom. These items are easily replaceable as your children grow. Once the children are in their teens, you can simply replace these items with accessories fit for grown-ups.