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McLean Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom and kitchen can help improve your quality of living. It can also make selling your home a lot easier. But whether you’re remodeling your home for yourself or future home buyers, it’s important to hire a contractor that’s reputable.

But how do you ensure the remodeling company you hire is reputable? There are different ways to determine this. One way is to use the internet. Word of mouth is now through the web, thanks to the emergence and popularity of social media.

Here, you can find social proof that a company is good or bad. This is how one of our customers learned GBC Kitchen and Bath was a worthwhile contractor to deal with. Make sure you do your due diligence before you decide on the contractor to work on your kitchen and bathroom remodel.

Kitchen Remodeling McLean

The remodeling you do to your kitchen should have functionality in mind. After all, what good is a kitchen design if you can’t do what you like to do in your kitchen? For example, if you’re lacking in storage space, why not go with new counters that are more spacious? Or better yet, you can have more cabinets implemented throughout the kitchen wherever wall space allows.

The same goes for your food prepping space. If your countertop area is too small, consider installing a kitchen island for additional counter surface area. Then the type of countertop material you choose should be able to perform well under the conditions of your cooking space.

So, if you enjoy baking, but oftentimes forget to use a pot holder, you could mistakenly burn the surface. That’s if you have a weaker material for your countertop. Therefore, we strongly recommend our customers use quality stones, such as quartz, granite and marble.

With these options, you can make it so that your counter surface is durable enough to withstand heat from pots and pans, scratches from knives and spills from food and drinks.

While these areas of your home are a primary focal point, there are other areas of the kitchen you shouldn’t ignore. Such as the floors and backsplasbes. You don’t want to overlook these areas, since they can help improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Plus, add to the functionality.

As you may already know, backsplashes are a must if you like to cook soups, sauces and other food items that are known to splatter. You can use tiles, or you can opt to have the backsplash designed using stone.

Whatever you decide to do with your bathroom, the outcome will look amazing. When you use the services offered at GBC Kitchen and Bath.

Bathroom Remodeling McLean

The things you can do with your bathroom are as extensive as the contractor’s skills you hire. Again, therefore, it’s important to work together with a remodeling company with a proven track record.

The remodeling you decide to do with your home should add to the look and functionality of the space. This is something our experts excel in. The quality products we offer will ensure you achieve a bathroom design that’s satisfactory and functional.

So what bathroom upgrades can you benefit from? For one, it’s the counters. These can be made with beautiful natural or engineered stone options, which include granite, quartz and marble. With these stone options, you can have bathroom vanity tops that are durable for all sorts of use.

The flooring can also be updated with tile floors. Choose from our great selection of stone floor options and make it your own design.

Customer Says

The experts at GBC Kitchen and Bath are very professional and courteous. I was happy that Facebook friends referred me to them. I was skeptical at first, but my doubts were put to rest when I was provided a free estimate and 3D design.

This helped me to make a more informed decision about what I wanted to do with my kitchen and bathroom. The installation process was very quick, which is why I give this company a five-star rating. I will continue passing on the word that GBC Kitchen and Bath offers great products and services.

What We Did in McLean

GBC Kitchen and Bath has aided with designing beautiful kitchens and bathrooms for customers throughout McLean, VA. 

Every aspect of our kitchen and bath remodels are top-tier and installed meticulously. All our contractors work hard to ensure each customer is satisfied with the outcome of their desired kitchen and bathroom remodel.

Therefore, a lot of our customers throughout Virginia refer us to others they know. Many say that our craftsmanship is unsurpassed and very much worth every cent.

About McLean

The city of McLean is located in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia. It’s the home to all sorts of businessmen, diplomats, congress and various other important figures. The town sits not too far away from Washington DC and the CIA. This is likely why, so many official personnel reside in McLean.

Need a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company in McLean

If you’re not careful about which remodeling company you hire, you could end up with a mediocre job. Who wants a kitchen or bathroom design that’s unsatisfactory? You spend thousands on your remodel only to have to redo it all over again.

Altogether, this can prove to be very expensive for your budget. So, to prevent this, you need to search around for a reputable company with a long list of happy customers. You can find that with GBC Kitchen and Bath.

All the contractors at GBC Kitchen and Bath are licensed, bonded and insured. With the combined experience we have, we can ensure you get the remodel of your dreams.

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“Absolutely amazing job! Our experience with GBC Rockwell was better then we could ever ask for.”

Karen L.

“Great company and great service,  I will definitely use them again for my future projects.”

Mike S.


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