Any homeowner who has gone through the process of remodeling their bathroom or kitchen will tell you how resource intensive the process can be. The longer the remodeling goes on, the more money you have to put in the project. People with a shoestring budget often feel disheartened by such advice and usually procrastinate the remodeling process to until they have enough money to undertake the massive project. Unfortunately, for most people, there is never a time when one will have enough money. In this blog, GBC Kitchen and Bath will give you tips on remodeling your bathroom or kitchen regardless of how little your budget is.

Have a budget

This sounds pretty obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people walk into kitchen and bathroom showrooms without a plan for how much they are willing to spend on different items. To ensure that you do not go over your budget, prioritize the things you will need to purchase. Start with the most essential such as tiles, cabinets, and other fixtures, then move on to other less vital items

Start with the fixtures

Fixtures should be at the top of your budget especially when you have limited monetary resources. You may not be able to replace all the items in your bathroom or kitchen but replacing drawer glides, interior cabinets, and shelves can make the room look brand new. You can then remodel the rest of the room once you have enough funds.

Update your lighting

Upgrading your lighting scheme can greatly enhance the look of the room you are attempting to kitchen or bathroom remodel. The upgrade will depend on your budget but rest assured, a few improvements on your lighting fixtures can get you more time to save up and proceed with the remodeling of your kitchen or bathroom. In addition, the improved lighting will make the room appear and feel more functional than before.