Remodeling tip: Stay organized and focused with folders

Have you ever done a remodeling job at home? If you have, you probably know that it can get really complex really quickly. With various plans, receipts, invoices. Keeping all of your paperwork neatly and in one place helps you stick to the plan and the vision. Here at GBC Kitchen and Bath, we strive to help you bring your ideas to life.

Remodeling Tips

So what can you do to make your life easier? Create folders. No, not computer folders; actual physical folders to store all your paperwork. Computer folders could work, but some things, like receipts have a physical form, so that’s obviously not going to work. If you want, you can make a computer folder as well, but then you’d just be doubling the amount of work you do. And with a kitchen or bathroom remodeling being a demanding task as it is, you might want to skip it.

Label your folders

Get a paper folder and write the name of your project. “Kitchen remodel, summer 2016” is good. It has all the relevant information if you need to look it up at some later point.

Divide the folder

Naturally, you aren’t going to cram all the papers in there together. Create smaller pockets for different aspects of your project. One for receipts, one for blueprints, one for color schemes, and the list goes on.


Within each of these sub folders, give yourself a brief explanation why you chose it. Why is the color scheme green with white, why is the countertop granite and not stainless steel. It will help you remember your motivation later on.

Keep the receipts

Easily the most important part of this list is keeping the receipts safely. If anything fails before the warranty is up, you are entitled to a refund. Which you can only get if you have the original receipt.