Safety Design Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

Most people use bathroom remodeling as an opportunity to make it look awesome. That helps make it a nicer place to use as well as increase the value of the home. However, a bathroom remodel is also the perfect time to make the bathroom a safer place.

The National Safety Council estimates that in excess of 200,000 people sustain injuries while in the bathroom, making it potentially one of the most unsafe rooms in the home. This is not much of a surprise if you consider that the bathroom is a mix of water, heat, and electricity, and one of which can lead to injury if you are not careful. Add to that the fact that people visit the bathroom multiple times a day, sometimes while half asleep in the middle of the night, and the risks of an injury increase exponentially.

A bathroom remodel can help you minimize the risks associated with bathrooms by following these safety design tips. There is still a good chance of an injury, but these guidelines can help you make the bathroom a safer place to be.

Increase traction

bathroom with non-slip floors
Bathroom floors are usually wet at some point in the day. Especially if you have small children and teenagers using the bathroom. You can minimize the risk of slipping by putting in floors that has some traction.

As a rule of thumb, you want smaller tiles with grout lines, as the gritty surface of the grout gives the feet a better grip on the floor even when it is wet. The problem with smaller tiles with more grout lines is it is usually harder to keep clean. The alternative is larger tiles designed for wet conditions. These usually have a rougher surface that keeps it from getting slippery when wet and ideal for bathroom use.

It also helps to choose fixtures and countertops that have no sharp edges. If someone does slip despite the non-slip floors, there is a lower chance of serious injury. You should also accessorize the bathroom with slip-resistant rubberized rugs for just outside the tub or shower.

Install grab bars

bathroom with grab bars
Another way to keep falls and slips to a minimum is to install grab bars at strategic areas in the bathroom. The most at-risk areas for everyone are inside and just outside the shower stall or bathtub. For people with some problems with sitting down or getting up, a bar within easy grasp of the toilet can also be a big help.

Grab bars have to be very stable. So, you should include it in your remodel design. The contractor will install blocking in the wall at the appropriate areas to which the bars will go after the final finish of the walls. The good news is grab bars are available in a wide range of designs and materials. So, they will not stand out like a sore thumb and ruin the design of the bathroom. They can even add an interesting depth to the room if you choose right.

Put in an antiscald valve

shower with antiscald valve
A hot shower on a chilly morning or a hot bath after an exhausting day may sound heavenly. But you might actually be burning your skin without knowing it. Water heaters are set to 140 degrees by default. This is hot enough to scald the skin on some people. You can prevent this by resetting the water heater to a comfortable and safer 120 degrees.

Also you can install an antiscald valve in the shower and bathtub. You can choose one that senses the temperature (thermostatic) or the pressure (pressure balanced). Thermostatic types are usually more expensive, but they are a requirement if you are installing a high-volume shower. It is best to install it inside the wall, although there are some types you can insert before the showerhead.

A pressure-balancing valve is particularly useful in the shower because it detects when the water flow fluctuates, usually when someone flushes the toilet or turns on the washing machine or dishwasher. You can install one or the other, but having both is even better.
As a side note, you might also want to install a motion activated bathroom faucet to prevent the spread of germs. You will not have to touch anything to turn on the water, and you will not have to worry about the sink overflowing because someone forgot to turn off the faucet.

Design for a safe shower

shower with glass enclosure, door open outward
Many injuries happen when taking a shower because you are moving around and reaching for things. You can make the shower a safer place by designing it to avoid common causes of injuries.

One of the biggest problems with showers is that the controls are usually difficult to reach. Make it so that you can reach the water controls while outside the shower area. That way, you can safely regulate the water temperature without getting wet.

You often have to bend, reach, or lift a leg to get clean properly and shave a leg. Installing a shower bench can prevent accidents by providing a place to sit or put up a leg.
When installing a new shower, make sure the curb is low enough to prevent tripping when going in or out of the shower. You can put in a shower pan that is on level with the floor if your bathroom does not have enough space for a walk-in shower. If your shower has a glass enclosure, make sure the door opens outward and that the glass is shatterproof. You want the door to open out so that if someone slips or loses consciousness inside, you can get in to help.


A safe bathroom is the best kind of bathroom. These tips can help you make the most of your bathroom remodeling budget. The next step is to find a reliable remodeling contractor to incorporate your safety requirements in the design. GBC Kitchen and Bath is just the company you need for a safe bathroom remodeling project.

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