Here Are the Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2018

In the past, the kitchen was the place you went to prep foods and enjoy meals with the family. The décor was basic, which required little planning for construction and remodeling.

But times have and continue to change by the day. Today’s homeowners are more in tune with what they want in a kitchen, which is a bit more than the typical functions. Many homeowners use their kitchens as more than just cooking and eating spaces.

It’s where they entertain guests and boast our creativity in décor. It speaks volumes of your sense of style, which means you must put more thought into the design.

If you’re wondering what changes you should implement in your kitchen remodel, then this guide is for you. We’re about to dive into the top trends in kitchen design we expect to see in 2018.

1. Smarter Kitchens Will Take Over

Kitchen with tech fridge, appliances

First up on the list has to do with technology and its implementation into kitchens across the nation. More and more homeowners are installing devices and appliances that are connected to the web. And we’re not just talking the fancy gadgets.

We find technology advancements in just about everything, such as faucets, lights and refrigerators. The emergence of smart kitchen gadgets will continue to enhance how people design their kitchens.

For the most part, folks are looking to integrate these features because they add convenience. For instance, motion sense kitchen faucets make washing dishes simpler. Then there are fridges that notify you when you’re running low on certain food items.

Coffee drinkers also have a perk where they can program their coffee maker to have coffee brewed first thing in the morning. There’s something for everyone in a tech kitchen, which makes it an attractive option for millions of homeowners.

2. White, Gray and Dark Colors Take Prominence in the Cabinet Scene

Kitchen with white gray cabinetry

It seems white will never go out of style when it comes to kitchen design. Therefore you’ll find many kitchen remodeling projects consisting of cabinets painted this color.

But it’s not just white that homeowners are leaning towards for cabinet colors. Others include gray and dark tones, such as black, emerald green, navy blue and plum. If you can’t find cabinetry in these color schemes, there are paint finishes you can use instead.

While white cabinets continue to be a top choice, next in line is gray. These cabinets go well with all sorts of colors and themes. It’s very versatile, especially when paired with natural elements and glamorous accents.

3. Alternative Designs, Materials and Textures

Kitchen with textured tile walls

For a long time, farmhouse and mid-century modern designs reigned supreme in the kitchen. However, now, we’re seeing a shift away from these options towards more streamlined designs, aesthetics and alternative materials.

For some people, this may mean implementing a design that’s simple. Coming home to a house that’s stress-free is one reason to go this route. Less clutter and less fuss in the design minimizes frustrations.

You will also see some homeowners removing the upper wall of cabinets to open the visual space in the kitchen. It’s a great way to make the kitchen appear larger and brighter. At the same time, it boosts functionality by allowing you to use your countertop space more productive.

Another theme we see growing is the use of materials with texture. This includes rough cut wood for open shelving. Or sculpted and beveled backsplash tiles.

Then to really top it off, homeowners are adding textured treatments to their ceilings.

4. Quartz Becomes the King of Countertops

Kitchen with quartz counters

The time has finally come for the heavyweight champ Granite to be defeated. While it’s not yet official, we are seeing an uptick in the use of quartz in kitchen settings. It’s an elegant and versatile material that you can use for both counters and backsplash.

Quartz is an engineered stone that looks a lot like a natural material, such as granite and marble. However, it’s mixed with pigments and resin that make it more durable. It’s also non-porous, which makes it easier to care for.

Now, what’s attractive about quartz counters is the large array of color options to choose from. Manufacturers today implement veins and swirls that give it more appeal and make it look like natural stone.

The colors most popular include those like gray, cream, white and taupe. Then combining quartz with composite sinks makes for an even more interesting kitchen design.

5. Hardwood Floors and Ceramic Tile

Kitchen with hardwood

It’s important not to overlook your floors when doing kitchen remodeling. This can really set apart the décor of your kitchen when done correctly. One of the most popular materials used for kitchen floors is hardwood.

However, the second most popular option is ceramic tile. Both are attention-grabbing and stylish. They both go with different styles of kitchens, including contemporary, traditional and farmhouse.

Hardwood floors aren’t difficult to maintain, nor is ceramic. Then to make things more interesting, you can opt for ceramic tile that looks like other materials, such as natural stone.

Getting Your Kitchen Updated

The next step after reading about these trends is to determine which, if any, are right for your kitchen remodel. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your countertops, cabinets or floors, the experts at GBC Kitchen and Bath can help.

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If you need assistance with planning and implementing your new kitchen design, give us a call today!