Top 6 Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2018

The bathroom is more than just a place you wash up. For many, it’s a personal sanctuary worth safeguarding with beautiful designs and décor. Now, there are many ways you can enhance your bathing space with beautiful decorations.

The key is to find what remodeling projects will suit your style and comfortability (and, of course, your budget). Trends are always emerging, so it’s good to stay abreast of them, so you can get ideas for your own bathroom makeover.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel for your home, then you may find this guide helpful. We’ll cover some of the leading bathroom remodeling trends that will take place in 2018.

Let’s get to it.

1. Smaller Bathrooms Can Be Luxurious Too

Small bathroom with luxury water and light fixtures

Here’s a concept that took a long time for homeowners to grasp. For decades, property owners drooled over celebrity homes that featured large elegant bathrooms. So many wanted to include some of these luxuries in their own homes.

This includes big bathtubs, double vanities, his & her cabinetry and walk-in closets. But today, we find more people backing away from the over-sized bathroom designs and accepting the trend of smaller bathrooms.

What’s great about bathrooms with less square footage is that there’s less to maintain. Unless you have celebrity-status salaries and can afford a maid, then this will grow into a big issue.

2. High-Tech Toilets Are In

Bathroom with high-tech toilet features

Smart appliances are a thing – you have the Alexa personal assistant and a host of smart devices in your home. This includes your thermostat, televisions, stove and fridge. Everything is connected, allowing you to operate them with your smartphone or tablet.

For some this is a dream come true and for others, it’s a freakish nightmare. But don’t worry – you won’t have to fret over the idea of a smarter toilet. It’s not exactly connected to the web.

High-tech toilets are just equipped with more features that make them more desirable. For instance, you can find toilets with built-in deodorizers and adjustable air dryers. Then for the music lovers, you can wirelessly connect your MP3 and enjoy tunes while going to the loo.

Not everyone takes a magazine to the restroom, so this is a great way to entertain yourself meanwhile.

3. More Gold and Brass Tones for Fixtures

Brass or gold colored water fixtures in the bathroom

In the hay day, we use to see bathrooms with beautiful metal faucets made from brass and gold tones. Now, we’re seeing a comeback just in time for 2018-bathroom remodels. It’s a great way to add warmth to your restroom, especially if you’re implementing a lot of white to the décor.

It also complements the more popular cooler gray paints homeowners are using today. So out with the shiny polished chrome and in with warm golden tones. Chrome will likely still have its place somewhere in the home, likely the kitchen.

It’s well-liked because of its cool, modern and sleek feel. The gold and bronze varieties come in different finishes, such as matte an, satin and spun gold.

These are optimal if you’re looking for a classic traditional design for your bathroom.

4. Lighting Schemes Added to the Bathroom

Bathroom with lights over the vanity mirror

Lights aren’t new to bathroom settings, but the different styles you’ll find on the market are. The various decorative lighting fixtures on the market today give you more options for enhancing your bathroom design.

One area we see homeowners implementing lights is above the vanity mirror. The lights you select should both add functionality and style to your restroom. Strategically placing your lights throughout the room can also make a big difference.

Not only does it improve the lighting of the room, but your reflection in the mirror as well. You’ll find some homeowners getting creative with dimmers and other lighting techniques. The idea here is to create a setting that’s relaxing and elegant.

Some of the fixture options out there include sconces, chandeliers, light bars and little pendants. Pendant lights make a great addition to many designs when implemented appropriately.

5. Neutral Styles and Organic Tones

Bathroom with earth tone colors

The trend of using neutral and organic implementations in the bathroom has grown so popular that there’s a word for it – greige. It’s the buzzword for gray, whites and warm brown color palettes.

With these color options, it gives a bathroom a more elegant and modern vibe. We will see an uptick in this trend in 2018. Homeowners will combine the neutral elements with an organic infusion.

Some of the ways people add them is by installing weathered tiles, aged flooring and vintage plumbing fixtures. There’s something about it that makes bathrooms feel more relaxing.

As for the organic tones, we see homeowners using colors like blues, greens and warm browns. Even the materials are becoming more organic. We find bathroom designs with reclaimed wood, brick and natural stones like marble and granite.

6. Darker Shades Will Grow in Popularity

Bathroom with darker colors

Although homeowners are drawn to the neutral and organic tones for the bathroom, some are blending kitchen décor with bathroom design. You’ll find a lot of homeowners today adding darker color palettes to their kitchens. And some are doing the same for their restrooms.

This trend is just beginning, so it hasn’t fully enveloped the bathroom design community. But expect it to take precedence in the coming years.

Bathroom Remodeling for Your Home

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