For most Americans, coffee is a drink like there is none other. It is as if it has its own league in our minds and simply overrules all attempted comparisons by outsiders. Yet it is also ironically very democratic for it is accessible to all in Alexandria. The plentitude of supply, however, is what muddies the waters true aficionados should navigate through to try memorable flavors. 

Those are the sorts of people that seldom settle for any coffee out there. They are always on the lookout for the right combination of beans, roast and service. And chances are this article will significantly aid them in their pursuit of perfection this part of the country. Ladies and gentlemen, here are where the best coffee is available in Alexandria, Virginia:


Cameron Cafe

At a quaint and classy corner of the city, Cameron Cafe is a true gem not many people are aware of. That lack of as much popularity as others on this list have makes it an especially pleasant sanctuary for coffee lovers. It is where you can get a really strong blend for the cheapest price possible for that quality around Virginia. The genuinely nice owner and staff will make your visit all the more worthwhile. Find it at 4911 Brenman Park Drive


Java Loco

It is not uncommon to use the word ‘java’ for coffee but this place has made it a bit more wondrous by combining it with ‘loco’ — Spanish for crazy. And the result is not something to laugh at and pass. This is the fantastically creative business adventurous coffee lovers have been looking for. Their concoctions are something to always return to in Alexandria. Pay a visit to 289 South Van Dorn Street and you, too, will testify to how extraordinarily flavorful this place is.  


Grounded Coffee Shop

Some coffee lovers might, though, question the wisdom of taking chances with ‘crazy’ blends and rather prefer going conventional and hardcore as they always do. The intense flavor bombs that they crave await them at Grounded Coffee Shop at 6919 Telegraph Road. This family-owned, local business has gone to such extents to accommodate their patrons with a massive list of offerings and address all their concerns regarding hygiene that it is unclear if they are able to reap half the rewards they deserve. Make haste to discover that rare taste and kindness! 


Killer ESP

Let’s now shift to Old Town and also include spots from the more touristic part of the city. Those will be two particular businesses with a wider community of fans from around Alexandria and elsewhere in Northern Virginia. The first one is Killer ESP, still a cozy neighborhood cafe despite its fame among and traffic with customers at 1012 King Street. The ‘ESP’ part stands for ‘espresso, sorbet and pie’ and the ‘killer’ part is something you will delightfully discover the first time you enter through its door.  It is nothing less than heavenly!  


Abyssinia Market & Coffee House

The second Old Town coffee shop, and the biggest prize of this list, is Abyssinia. At 720 Jefferson Street, this Ethiopian-American business promises just the right ingredients, the perfect roasting to unforgettable flavor and an expertly service only by hands true to their craft. Coffee is their prime product, not some casual drink that they sell next to pastries. And it is precisely coffee why everybody worships this place in Virginia. It is really hard to imagine how they could ever be better at what they do. They are just impeccable!