I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely “thank you note”. I was very well pleased with the final work done to complete my new bathroom in Arlington. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I would recommend your work to anybody looking to bathroom remodeling. Again, thank you all for the excellent work you did for me and especially for honoring all commitments to ensure I was satisfied with the work. Your Professionalism and friendliness shown by GBC family was outstanding. I certainly will be calling on GBC in the near future for any additional Remodeling projects I might have.

King, Freda
The kitchen looks great!! Your guys did a great job. Please send me the final bill (with the extra add-ons itemized) so I can settle the contract with you.
Danielle Schumaker

I wanted to thank you and your amazing crew for a job well done. It looks better than I ever expected. The guys who were mainly responsible, Edgar and Wilson, did a fantastic job. They are so professional and well trained. They did everything meticulously. They left the job between 6:30 and 8:00pm every evening. They worked so hard and never took a break or stopped to chat. I have NOTHING to complain about and everything is working great. Nili has been especially caring and helpful through this whole process. I will be able to share my great GBC experience with neighbors and I hope some of them decide to get their houses remodeled also!

Sharon Slobozien

Thank you for your prompt response. The workmen have been wonderful, responsive and cooperative. The kitchen looks amazing. I can’t wait till everything is done. Thanks again.

Maria Bellizzi (LDW)

Thanks for the great follow-ups and customer service Nili. Again the quality of work is outstanding, customer service was great and I’ll always remember Javier and Edgar – amazing work ethic and effort! The kitchen really is beautiful, and I thank you all for your efforts.

Jeff W
We had had our kitchen partially remodeled before we discovered your company, and were very unhappy with the work. We will likely update it one of these years, and will surely remember our great experience with your company. That’s not on our plan for this year or next, but we will keep you in mind when we are ready. We do tell our friends about our good experience with you. Thanks
Bonita Moore

I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Everything is perfect and I love my new kitchen! You guys are a great team and it has been a pleasure working with you. The only thing left are the electrical appliance which I need to order, as home depot did not have what I wanted. But all is great!

David Nastal

I had a very good experience with GBC and would highly recommend them. They did our kitchen and two baths and finished within the time frame they gave and within our budget. I worked with Kamal and Nili and both are great when it comes to customer service. They were very reliable and I was very satisfied with the product. Also, my husband tends to be very picky and noticed some things on the final walk through and they fixed all of them. Please feel free to e mail again if you have any more questions!

Heather Beatty

Dear Nili, I wanted to let you know that we would be glad to be added to your referral list. We continue to enjoy the excellent work your team did.

Lynn and Ed

Dear Nili, Although I was not at home when the carpet technicians came, my husband and my daughter were here. They told me that three people came about 9:30 – right on time. They did a great job taking the wrinkles out. This is why I love dealing with GBC. I would always recommend you to my friends. Thank you

Gloria Watkins

Hello, GBC. First off, we just want to tell everyone how much we LOVE our new kitchen. It has exceeded our expectations and we are amazed every day at the huge difference this has made in our home. Thanks again for all your help, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ron and Jeanette Shaver
So glad you saw this beautiful kitchen and got to meet Mike! Now it’s your turn: Thanks you for everything – You and Serkan have been great and Javier is just super! I will get you the before and after photos soon!
The Manions

Dear Nili, We are extremely pleased with our kitchen renovation. The craftsmanship and quality of work performed by Wilson, Hugo and Mehmet was excellent! I would also like to thank Osman for his involvement every step of the process and overseeing the job as if it was his own kitchen.

Easley Broreart
Thanks so much for the information. I wanted to let you know, the granite person came today and everything went perfect. The counter is beautiful and he was very kind. I have really enjoyed working with you and the GBC crew(s) on our kitchen project. Everything turned out so much better than I imagined with the construction. It has been a pleasure to work with everyone. I will continue to recommend GBC as people ask “who did your kitchen and bathrooms”.
Mary Ann
I’m sorry I missed you and Serkan. I was in town for only a day and wanted to stop by and say hello and drop off some pictures. I had job relocation earlier this year so I had to sell the house and move to Florida. The guy that bought my house is really nice and fell in love with the place. You guys did a great job. I wish I could’ve stayed but what can you do. Next time I’m in town, I’ll be sure to stop by and say hello.
Anthony Gerardi
Hi Osman / Hi Nili Please mail me the key. Also, please call me at the number below today so I can give you the credit card number to charge my final payment to you. Thanks for everything; I am very pleased with my kitchen!
Chinni, Ellen
We tell everyone that asks about our kitchen about GBC as we are very proud of our new kitchen! Just to let you know, we decided not to add those end pieces on right now, but if you could keep our information on file as someday we will. We hope you have a wonderful year as well! Best to you & thank you again.
Giovanna Hudson
Everything is really good! I had every intention of stopping in on Saturday but the party Friday night was way too good. It was quite enjoyable entertaining in the new kitchen! I will drop the check in the mail tomorrow. I already know that for my next project GBC will be my call to make. Even though I am mailing my check in, I will make it a point to stop in over the holidays to thank everyone!
Matt Vankoski