All over the Internet, there are horror reviews about homeowners who were scammed or burned by ‘professional’ kitchen remodelers. Maybe the contractor asked for the money upfront and then went and did a bad job. Alternatively, a contractor left the job halfway done and is refusing to pick up his customer’s calls. GBC Kitchen and Bath has come up with a list of questions that you need to ask a potential contractor before signing the contract. This is Part 1 of the list, so keep an eye for the part of the list.

  1. Do they come with verified references?

This is the most important question you should ask any remodeler before hiring them. Whenever a contractor refuses to provide his references then it means either that he has not done any remodeling work before or he believes that his previous clients will not have anything positive to say about his previous work. You should also ask to see the remodeler’s completed jobs and his current job sites. Ask other homeowners about the remodeler’s responsiveness. Also, ask subcontractors about their payment schedules while working with the remodeler. At GBC Kitchen and Bath, we provide a comprehensive list of our references as well as our completed and current projects.


  1. How much deposit do they need prior to the start of the project?

Most contractors will require a 10% deposit before they can commence on the remodeling project. If the remodeler asks for an absurd percentage such as 50% or seems to have pulled a number out of thin air, then it is best to back away from the deal. A request for a bigger deposit is usually a sign of the company’s financial instability. Financial strain will make your project run into financial problems once it is underway and maybe the contractor may not be able to finish the project he has already began.