Hardwood Floor

The term hardwood includes numerous species of trees and shrubs with dense, heavy wood. Depending on their density, hardwood can be divided into “medium heavy,” “heavy,” “very heavy,” and wood that actually sinks in water called “ironwood.” Hardwood is usually limited to flowering trees and shrubs because their wood contains water-conducting cells (tracheids and vessel elements) plus tightly-packed, thick-walled fiber cells which are lacking in the wood of conifers.

Generally, the cone-bearing trees, such as pines (Pinus), spruce (Picea), fir (Abies), and redwood (Sequoia), are considered to be softwoods because their wood is composed essentially of water-conducting cells (tracheids) without wood fiber cells.

Armstrong Hardwood Floor

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring is expertly crafted using the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. From the rustic, old-world charm of hand-scraped hardwoods to the more classic, traditional hardwood floors sanded to smooth perfection.

Bruce Hardwood Floor

There are hundreds of Bruce hardwood floors for your perusal. View a room scene to narrow down your choices.

LM Flooring

Founded in 2001, LM Flooring is dedicated to the design and production of the highest quality engineered wood flooring. A subsidiary of Fine Furniture Ltd., LM Flooring pays the same attention to quality design and production as its parent company, one of the largest manufacturers of luxury furniture.

Zickgraf Hardwood Floor

For over half-a-century, Zickgraf has transformed these beautiful hardwoods into some of the world’s finest flooring.

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