A Comparison of Vanity Materials for Bathroom Upgrades

Planning a bathroom upgrade requires some careful thinking. Especially if it is going to be a major overhaul. However, most people give their vanity tops a lot less consideration than their walls, floors, or even hardware. Many bathrooms don’t even have a vanity, and that is a mistake. Most bathrooms have very little table and storage space. So, a vanity can have a double purpose without taking up all that much real estate.
A bathroom with a nice vanity can also change the esthetic appeal of the room. It can make a lot of difference to the people that live in the house as well as any prospective buyers.

Almost as important as the decision to put in a vanity in the first place is the choice of material for the vanity top. You may be surprised with the breadth of your choices, and many factors come into play for making the right one. These include the style and design of the bathroom, your personal preferences, and your lifestyle. Here are the top three options for your consideration.

Granite slabs

granite bathroom countertop
The top choice for vanity tops is granite. Most people prefer granite because it is eminently practical for the space. Granite is very durable and works well in the conditions prevailing in most bathrooms. You want something that can take a lot of heat, figuratively and literally, and hold up well in an environment of high humidity. Granite qualifies in both requirements.

Granite is also quite beautiful and versatile. So, it shows well in most types of bathroom. Some people do worry that the cost of granite countertops will be too much for their budgets. But granite is actually one of the most cost-effective of countertop materials. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $200 per square foot, installation included. The cost will depend on your contractor and the type of granite you choose.
However, since bathroom vanities tend to be on the small side, you can probably choose any type of granite and still come well within your remodeling budget. At any rate, consult with a reliable contractor for suggestions on keeping your granite purchase on the low side if you are worried about the cost.

Marble slabs

beautiful powder room with marble countertops
Marble is also extremely popular for bathroom vanities, especially a “showpiece” such as a guest bathroom. It is not as durable as granite. But it has a distinct look of elegance and luxury that is hard to match.

Most marble slabs are in the white range, although other colors are available. That said, you probably want to stick with white. Because they are readily available, and they tend to cost less than more exotic varieties. You also want to make it instantly recognizable, and most people do recognize white marble more easily than other colors.

Anyone that comes into a bathroom with a marble vanity is bound to believe it cost much more than it actually does, and that impression is what makes it a favorite with many homeowners. Marble actually costs about the same as granite, so if elegance rather than durability is your aim, cost is not a factor.

However, you need to know that marble tends to scratch and etch quite easily, so you have to be more careful with it than with granite or engineered quartz, which is the next on this list. You might want to limit marble to your guest bathroom, which gets much less traffic than regular bathrooms.

Engineered quartz slabs

bathroom with quartz countertops
Engineered quartz is one of a family of manmade stones that are currently enjoying quite a following among homeowners. Top brands of engineered quartz produce slabs that are at least 90% quartz, which makes them much more durable than granite or marble. It is also non-porous, so it is much more resistant to stains than natural stones are as well.

Quartz is a natural mineral that give granite its durability. While it occurs naturally in granite under extreme heat and pressure, it is baked into engineered quartz stone together with resins and pigments. All engineered quartz brands use a patented process called Bretonstone, although each has a unique take on it when it comes to colors and designs. In most cases, engineered quartz slabs mimic the look of natural stones, although they are also available in solid colors (which very few natural stones have) and contemporary designs.

Engineered quartz tends to be more expensive than natural stones, and they are more difficult to install. It is also not heat resistant, so you might want to keep anything hot away from the surface. However, it is a great choice if you want something ultra durable and consistent in both color and design.


These are the top three contenders for your bathroom vanity, but they are far from the only ones. Other materials you may want to look into include concrete, solid surface, and other natural stones. However, you will find they tend to pale in comparison with granite, marble, and engineered quartz.

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