Why Modern Kitchen Design is Popular

Why Modern Kitchen Design is Popular
Why Modern Kitchen Design is Popular

Modern kitchen design, whose birth is often attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright, basically took the standard kitchen and turned it upside down. What used to be a closed in space devoid of interest is now a room that’s fully liberated.

Today, the hallmarks of a modern kitchen include lots of open space, a great deal of light and extra storage. In addition, modern design allows the room to become the heart of the home, a place where family members hang out and rehash their day, and guests can feel at home, too.

Here are a few of the advantages modern kitchen designs offer:
Natural light

One of the highlights of a modern space, these kitchens have lots of natural light to enhance the feel of the room. When there aren’t walls enclosing the kitchen, you can take advantage of natural light coming in from the dining room or living room, as well as the kitchen’s own windows.


Modern kitchens also take advantage of natural materials, such as granite countertops and wood cabinets. These features help drive the earthiness of the space, while granite, for example, increases the sleek, modern style at the same time.


An open, modern kitchen is great for entertaining. While you’re busy cooking and preparing food, your guests can join you at the island, propped up by a stool. The typically large, bright space is an inviting one for family and friends. Imagine the gatherings you could have with a sturdy granite counter. With the right mix of guests invited over to your home, some of them can enjoy lounging on the furniture while others can dive right into helping you prepare for the food.


When your kitchen opens up to the dining room and great room, it enhances your family’s lifestyle. While children to homework at the table, you and your spouse can prepare the meal. If the family is watching a show together, some of you can prepare a snack without having to be secluded from the group. In essence, the foundation of the modern kitchen design promotes togetherness, instead of separateness.


The very essence of modern design dictates that function comes first, and style second. Not that this means style or design will take a back seat; it simply promotes the marriage of functionality in the space to its design. Typically, modern design also features clean lines, neutral colors and minimal accessories.


An open, modern kitchen can make what was a very small, tight, cramped kitchen feel bigger. If the room is small on square footage, knocking out a wall and bringing in more light will automatically create the sense of a larger kitchen.

There’s no limit to the look you can give a modern kitchen design. With the right expert help and advice, you can transform a small, cramped, closed-up kitchen into one that opens up to and meshes with the other rooms in your home. Expand the space by removing a wall or two, bring in the natural light, choose natural materials like granite and wood, and watch how your family responds to the new kitchen.

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