5 Hidden Light Options for Your Kitchen Remodel

5 Hidden Light Options for Your Kitchen Remodel

Sometimes, you may want lighting in your kitchen that isn’t “in your face.” This is where hidden lights come into play. There are several ways you can improve the lighting in your kitchen without taking up unnecessary ceiling space.

And in doing so, you can create a kitchen design that’s contemporary, seamless and open. If you want a kitchen layout that’s uncluttered, then hidden lights is the perfect way to give a complete experience.

In the following guide, we’ll cover some of the hidden light options you can use for your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Let’s look.

1. You Can’t Go Wrong with Recessed Lights

Recessed Lights

There are many things you should love about recessed lighting. For instance, they’re easy on the wallet and easy to install in the right kitchen layout.

These lights are pushed into your ceiling, giving your ceiling a nice clean look. The only thing you see are the lens and trim ring around it. If you’re dealing with a kitchen with a low ceiling, then this is the perfect choice for your lighting.

Just keep in mind that recessed lights cast a harsh circle of light in the area below it. To help tone down the lights, you can install a dimmer switch. Some also go with gimbal lights to add flexibility.

2. Give Side Lights a Shot

kitchen with side lights on the walls

Say you don’t want lights installed into your ceiling – another option is to go with side lights. These look like notches in the wall, projecting lights downward. It illuminates the floor, as well as the rest of the room.

There are other ways you can add these lights to your kitchen space. For instance, you can install it sideways on your ceiling or install it into the wall and have it pointing upwards, giving an ambient light source.

Once installed, these lights are only about 95% visible. All you see is the trim – the body, bulb and lens are all well-hidden. They’re very flexible to use, which is a great thing. However, it does take up wall space, so keep this in mind.

3. Opt for the Seductive Tray Ceiling

kitchen with tray ceiling

If you’re really in love with ambient lighting, then tray-based lighting is for you. To pull this off, you need open air soffits at the top of your walls. The illumination flows through the small gaps.

Surprisingly, there are no expensive or complicated lights. Just rope lights are used. What’s great about this option is that the lights are 100% hidden. You won’t see any part of the fixture, just the lights.

The lighting is unobtrusive and soft. The downside is you’ll need a carpenter to build the trays for the lighting.

 4. Why Not Recessed Floor Lights?

kitchen with recessed floor lights

Now, if you really want to get creative with your kitchen lighting, you can opt for recessed floor lights. Whoever said lights must extend from the ceiling or walls? You’ll commonly find these styles of lights inside of movie theaters, galleries and museums.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t install them in a residential property. What’s great about recessed floor lights is that they’re unique, making your kitchen the talk of the town.

The downside is that these are best installed during a new construction or major kitchen remodel. However, you may be able to retrofit it depending on the structure of your home.

5. Check Out Drop Ceiling Soffit Lights

kitchen with drop ceiling soffit lights

You won’t find drop soffit ceilings in many homes. This requires an ample amount of ceiling height to incorporate. When you do find residences with drop ceiling soffits, they normally have recessed lights installed.

You don’t have to have exposed lights in your soffits. You can have hidden lights that are sandwiched between the ceiling gap.

This way, the lights are 100% hidden and offer a nice soft ambient light. Do note that building drop ceilings can be difficult, so you’ll need a crafty contractor for the job.

Undergoing a Major Kitchen Remodel

kitchen being remodeled

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