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    Chevy Chase Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

    Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom can be a great investment. But only if you’re getting the work done by true professionals. You also need quality products to be installed. And if you can’t find this, then you may have wasted thousands of dollars on something you’ll have to replace sooner than expected.

    This is a problem some homeowners in Chevy Chase, MD run into. This can be easily overcome with a little research and due diligence. One customer of GBC Kitchen and Bath took the time to find our services online. Luckily, they came across our business.

    Unfortunately, not all Chevy Chase property owners are as fortunate. They end up with mediocre services and products and a major headache. Don’t let this be you!

    Kitchen Remodeling Chevy Chase

    What updates could you make to your kitchen? There are various areas you may feel need to be upgraded, such as the countertops, floors and cabinets. This is something the experts at GBC Kitchen and Bath can help you with.

    We supply high-grade cabinetry, countertops and appliances. We also have tiles you can use for your flooring and backsplash. In fact, this is a popular choice among our customers in Chevy Chase. Protecting your walls with a tile backsplash is ideal to make cleaning up at mealtime easier. 

    It will also help to protect your wall paint. A backsplash can be designed to match your countertops, using the same stones. Or you can have it match your tile flooring.

    Then there’s the cabinetry. This helps to improve your storage space, especially if you opt for larger sized cabinets. You can choose between different color options and styles to suit your kitchen décor.

    By upgrading your kitchen, you can improve the functionality and style of your kitchen. This is always a bonus, especially when it comes to resale value and comfort of living.

    But again, it comes down to the contractor you hire and the materials you use. For example, you can opt for a stone countertop, such as granite, marble or quartz. These are excellent choices because they’re durable.

    They can withstand high temperatures from baking pans and aren’t susceptible to scratches from knives. Marble is a softer stone than the other two, which makes it easier to design edge profile for.

    Bathroom Remodeling Chevy Chase

    The bathroom is the next best place to remodel. This is where you guests come when they visit, so it’s important to have it done over in style. And with functionality in mind. All areas of your bathroom can be upgraded with the help of our contractors at GBC Kitchen and Bath.

    For instance, you can update the floors with new tile. This can make it easier to clean and prevent water damage from wet feet getting out of the shower. Then to protect the walls, you can install tile along the bathroom walls. This can be all around the restroom or just in the bathtub and shower area.

    Another area you can update is the vanity. This can be updated using one from our selection or one you’ve purchased elsewhere. The vanity is the focal point of your bathroom, along with the countertop. So, it’s good to have this part of the bathroom redone with quality products.

    Not to mention, updating your bathroom will help to increase your property value.

    Customer Says

    We own a home in Chevy Chase and were looking to have it upgraded with a complete new master bathroom and new counters, backsplash and cabinets in the kitchen. It was the fresh makeover we’d been saving for the past six months.

    When it came time to start looking for contractors, things became iffy. This was our first time hiring a contractor, so we didn’t really know what we were looking for. One of our church friends referred us to GBC Kitchen and Bath and we looked them up online.

    They had a great reputation and a local showroom. So, we stopped by and looked around. My husband and I really loved the granite slabs, so we went with that. We were given a free estimate and a 3D design. The outcome of our kitchen and bathroom was truly amazing.

    What We Did in Chevy Chase

    There are different ways GBC Kitchen and Bath is helping the property owners of Chevy Chase. For one, we are giving them beautiful homes to live in by upgrading their kitchens and bathrooms. We also provide high-quality materials, which helps to boost the property value of their houses.

    A property owner’s job is to keep their home looking good inside and out. The role of the contractors at GBC Kitchen and Bath is to assist homeowners with improving the indoor of their abodes. We have worked on countless kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects that consisted of updating countertops, redoing floors and switching out vanities and appliances.

    We will continue doing what we do best, so our customers can have homes they can be proud of.

    About Chevy Chase

    Chevy Chase is a city located in Montgomery County, Maryland. The city has a variety of villages here, which all have Chevy Chase in their names. It is primarily made up of suburban communities. It also has plenty of history for locals and tourists to check out.

    You will also find many shops and restaurants within the popular shopping district.

    Need a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company in Chevy Chase

    When you need to have your kitchen and bathroom upgraded, you need a reliable contractor. The experts at GBC Kitchen and Bath have been assisting homeowners throughout Chevy Chase for many years.

    All our professionals are licensed, bonded and insured as well. We pay special attention to detail when installing our products for customers. It’s very important to us that each client is satisfied with our products and services.

    It’s why so many people rave about GBC Kitchen and Bath. If you’re looking for quality at unbeatable prices, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. Contact us today to get your free quote!



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    “Absolutely amazing job! Our experience with GBC Rockwell was better then we could ever ask for.”

    Karen L.

    “Great company and great service,  I will definitely use them again for my future projects.”

    Mike S.


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