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    Falls Church Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

    The remodeling of your kitchen and bathrooms should only be performed by a reputable contractor. It’s very tempting to look for a low-priced contractor in the classifieds, but this could lead you to issues down the road.

    If you’re not careful, you could end up with mediocre work that could end up needing replacement soon. So whatever savings you had in the beginning will disappear once you must dish out cash to have the same work redone.

    Your kitchen and bathroom renovations are an investment. This is how you must look at it. One customer learned this the hard way before getting in touch with GBC Kitchen and Bath.

    Kitchen Remodeling Falls Church

    The contractors at GBC Kitchen and Bath offer property owner’s various solutions for their home renovations. We have a great selection of cabinets that homeowners can use for their kitchens. So, whether you’re trying to replace the cabinetry you currently have or want to add more space, this is possible.

    Our pre-fabricated cabinets come in various styles and colors for you to choose from. Once installed, you can enjoy additional space for your food, supplies and appliances.

    The countertops also should receive attention. We have a great line of natural and engineered stones to choose from, including marble, granite and quartz. There are key differences between the three, but they all improve functionality.

    For instance, they all have durability and heat-resistance. This is important for those who like to bake and set hot spots on the surface. If you like to make dough, you can use marble counters because it’s great at keeping cool.

    At the end of the day, your kitchen remodel should improve your quality of living. Pay attention to your lifestyle when selecting the various upgrades, you decide to make to your kitchen. We have tiles you can use to replace the flooring and to install backsplashes throughout the kitchen.

    Bathroom Remodeling Falls Church

    When was the last time you upgraded the counters, vanity and floors in your bathroom? If never, then you’re long overdue. This is especially the case for folks living in an older model home. In this case, you can really use an upgrade for your counters, vanity and even the floors.

    Some of our customers even opt to have tile installed in the walls of their tub or shower. This makes it easier to keep the walls safe from mold and it’s easy to clean. You can even get creative and have the grout colored.

    The countertops you choose for the bathroom settings should be capable of withstanding against the various tasks you perform in there. This includes using hot irons to straighten or curl your hair. Or cosmetics for your skin and hair. If you like to sit these items on the surface, there’s a chance it could become damage. Unless you opt for a material that is durable.

    Marble, granite and quartz are exceptional options for the bathroom for this reason. You can have these installed in the bathroom to ensure they can stand the test of time.

    Customer Says

    I’m very wory about who I do business with these days after being conned by a so-called contractor from an online classified, and thought I was getting a great deal, but turns out I am paying more in the end. I had my cabinets and floors done by this person and it wasn’t done up to my standards. So no later than a month after the work was performed, I was back online looking for a real contractor.

    I found GBC Kitchen and Bath while browsing through Google’s business listings. They had great reviews and decided to give them a go. Their showroom in person to check out the products they offered. They all seemed great quality. After hearing their packages and rates, I was thrilled to get started.

    This is what I should have done from the get go. I was provided with a free estimate, as well as a 3D design of the final look. In no time, I had my bathroom and even my kitchen redone with the assistance of GBC Kitchen and Bath. Their countertops are superb and I look forward to owning them for a decade or more.

    What We Did in Falls Church

    For more than a decade, we have assisted homeowners throughout Falls Church with their kitchen and bathroom upgrades. This includes updating the cabinets, flooring and countertops. We offer some of the best materials and products money can buy. This is because we only deal with the top brands in the industry.

    The beauty of remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms is that it can improve the quality of living in your home. A nicely designed kitchen can mean easier prepping and cooking. For instance, stone counters that are heat-resistant and scratch-resistant will make this possible.

    The upgrades you make to your kitchen and bathroom can also increase the value of your property. And this is what makes the services and products we offer well worth it. We’ve been going at this for many years and plan to continue helping Falls Church citizens with their kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

    About Falls Church

    Falls Church is an independent city located in Virginia. It’s a part of the Washington metro area. It’s a great community that’s known for having one of the lowest levels of poverty of any other independent city in the US.

    It is an old town that was first settled in back in the late 1800s. It wasn’t officially incorporated as a city until 1948. Back then, the area was known as Falls Church City.

    Need a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company in Falls Church

    Want to ensure you have access to quality contractors for your kitchen and bath remodel? Then you need to contact the professionals at GBC Kitchen and Bath. Not only do we supply the materials for your renovations, but we do the installations as well.

    Get in touch with us today to get your free estimate!


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