Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in Rockville: Everything You Need to Know

Estimating the cost of a bathroom remodel in Rockville is important to best prepare for the bathroom remodel process. On average, the cost of a bathroom remodel in Rockville is between $8,000 to $50,000. However, it’s just an estimate because the cost of a bathroom remodel depends on several criteria: scope of the remodel, type of equipment, choice of materials, and labor.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the cost of a bathroom remodel in Rockville to help you plan your budget better.

Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in Rockville

Bathroom remodeling cost involves several factors, so there is no definite budget. A simple facelift of the bathroom could be completed with a budget of $4,500.

On the other hand, a build-from-scratch luxury bathroom could bring you down by over $50,000. But again, several factors influence the cost of bathroom remodel in Rockville. For instance, the choice of equipment could easily cost between $1,500 to $5,000. Similarly, replacing bathroom flooring and painting could require around $2000 to $5000 depending upon the quality of the chosen material. 

Likewise, any change to the plumbing, electricals, or other elements could add up to the overall cost of bathroom remodel in Rockville.

Cost of a Partial Renovation

You remodel your bathroom partially when you only aim to fix a few dated elements of the room without attempting anything significant. A partial bathroom remodel usually does not involve any structural changes to the room or any reworking of the plumbing and electrical. 

Instead, the renovation aims to retouch the more external elements of the bathroom like the shower or sink replacement or new flooring. Usually, this type of intervention aims to freshen up the environment by updating only a few dated elements. For instance, replacing a sink or bathtub.

For a partial remodel of your bathroom, plan a budget of around $14,000 with mid-range equipment and coating materials. Consequently, for an average 40 square feet bathroom, the cost will come to be $350 per square foot.

Cost of a Full Bathroom Remodel

Is your bathroom too dated that a simple facelift won’t do the job? Or do you want a more modern environment and sophisticated furnishing? In that case, a complete bathroom remodel is the only way to alter the functionality and aesthetics of the room completely. However, for that kind of remodeling, you may have to spend more significantly.

Interestingly, a complete bathroom remodel allows you to redefine the structural layout of the bathroom with a new design and a completely new decor. This kind of intervention strips down the room and builds it from the ground up. Hence it involves new plumbing, electricals, doors, and windows. 

Similarly, new and more modern equipment, ventilation system, luxury covering, and of course, a high-quality shower or bathtub are also within the scope of a complete bathroom remodel. Given the extensive nature of the work involved, the cost is significantly more than a partial remodel. The cost of a bathroom remodel in Rockville, for a complete project is between $40,000 and $50,000. 

Therefore, for an average 40 square feet bathroom, the cost per square foot will come out to be between $1000 and $1250.


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